Windows 10 21H2 could arrive in June

As you know, and if not we will always be happy to remind you of the situation, Windows 10 updates will change. Always, we had a first update of the year loaded with news and a second minor update in the second half of the year.

But 2021 is going to be different. With the launch of Windows 10X the order has been changed and we will have a minor update first (21H1) to have the big update or 21H2 later.

Windows 10 21H2 will be called 2106 and could arrive in June

Today we know more about Microsoft’s plans for 2021. Beyond Sun Valley, we know that the second update in the year 21H1 was called internally 2106. We remind you that this is related in the year and month of its launch. Of course, there are times when Microsoft does not comply with the deployment as it would like.

Windows 10 21H2 aka Windows 10 version 2106

– Tero Alhonen (@teroalhonen) December 15, 2020

That is why we are indicating that it could happen. We’re not sure that will happen, but they want its launch to approach those dates.

An unexpected move whereby we could see Windows 10 receiving two draft updates in six months or less. A very important bet from Microsoft with Windows 10, as Satya Nadella had indicated, they are renewing their bet.

We’ll see if Microsoft lives up to expectations. We’ve already seen how apps seem to be improving and we’re hoping Redmond lives up to this change. In the meantime, we’ll continue to keep you updated on everything that’s going on with Windows 10.

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