Windows 10 alarm and clock app gets a redesign from Sun Valley

Windows 10 Sun Valley is the next big version of Microsoft’s desktop operating system. After three years of a certain passivity on the part of Microsoft, those of Redmond have decided to come back in 2021 in style with two big bets: Windows 10X and Sun Valley. The latter will be the most significant Windows 10 update to date. It will include new native apps (like the one we are concerned with today or the Store), a new Start menu, new options in the configuration section, a News & Interest widget and much more.

A taste of what’s to come with Sun Valley

As seen in the attached images, there are several details to comment on about this redesign. First, it highlights the use of rounded corners and new iconography (the hallmark of Sun Valley).

The app has improved a lot when it comes to ailments and animations. When we hover the mouse over certain elements, we can see a very nice “revealing” effect that characterizes Fluent Design. In addition, the animations when unfolding elements and increasing sizes are more beautiful and smoother than ever.

As for the dark theme, we can’t fail to highlight something we liked: the “pure black” is over. Windows’ new dark theme will no longer abuse this unsightly total blackness despite its usefulness on OLED screens. With Sun Valley, Microsoft will bet on gray combinations that feel much better on the interface, offering a less rough and more modern appearance.

This redesign will likely reach other native apps like Photos, Settings, or the new Store Microsoft is working in. Hopefully, Sun Valley will serve to unify the amalgamation of designs that coexist in Windows 10 and that users can enjoy a modern and complete operating system.

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