Windows 10 Build 21337 hidden settings discovered

Like every Wednesday, Microsoft released a new compilation of Windows 10 for the Insiders of the Dev Channel, in this case it was Build 21337. Although those in Redmond publish a note with the changes of each update, many times hidden features end up appearing. that allow us to know in more detail the future of the operating system.

It was Albacore, known to dive into the bowels of Windows 10, who discovered three interesting little news. These features are not tied to a specific version of the operating system, but they will likely see the light of day with the upgrade to Sun Valley.

Windows 10 Sun Valley will have new customization options

Among the findings of Build 21337 are the “Device Usage” options. In this part of the Settings app, we see the ability to create personalized experiences based on our use of the device. Thus, Windows 10 will configure, for example, the Start menu or the taskbar with more useful icons or applications.

Custom experience settings. Yellowfin on Twitter

In addition, we can enjoy Windows Spotlight wallpapers on the desktop. Until now, these Bing images appeared on the lock screen, and one of the most requested features of Insiders was the ability to use it as a desktop background in Windows 10. Likewise, by using it as a desktop background. setting, we can verify the location of the.

Windows Spotlight Settings. Yellowfin on Twitter

Finally, the configuration parameters of the new touch keyboard appeared. With these changes, we will be able to choose the transparency of the background of the keyboard or keys, or even the color of the keys themselves regardless of the accent color we have configured. In addition, we can choose a background image. As we can see, this is a customization in the purest Android style.

Keyboard customization settings. Yellowfin on Twitter

As we said, these changes are not available to Insiders and are hidden. So it’s possible that Microsoft will start testing them on Windows 10 in the next few weeks, and they’ll usually see the light of day with Sun Valley.

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