Windows 10 end of support in 2025 has been known for years

We are living through a difficult period journalistically speaking. Many media do not contrast what they publish and sometimes knowingly publish lies. However, there is still a common dominant: the greedy, stealthy search for clicks and reactions. This is the case of the latest news that has spread like wildfire: the end of support for Windows 10 which would arrive in 2025.

Windows 11 and the media’s desperation for clicks

The media are eager to generate content on Windows 11. No wonder. Microsoft had not released a new version of its operating system for 6 years and the interest that exists around it increases as the day of its presentation approaches (the 24th of this month).

I read in a lot of media that Microsoft has NOW changed the Windows 10 documentation that says support ends in 2025… And that’s not true.

This page has been around for a long time.

– Javier Gualix (@javiergualix) June 14, 2021

However, all is not well. The media have jumped in to publish a story stating that “Microsoft has updated the Windows 10 support document to set an end of support date of 2025”. His intentions? Establish a cause and effect relationship with Windows 11. But nothing could be further from the truth.

A simple search in the Wayback Machine allows us to confirm that this end of support date for Windows 10 (October 14, 2025) has been set at least since September 2020. In addition, Microsoft has used this date in its official documents since 2015, when he introduced this version of Windows.

Support for Windows 10 is unlikely to end in 2025. Microsoft will most likely extend it, as we’ve already discussed their intention to have Windows 11 and Windows 10 coexist for a while. Microsoft believes that many businesses and institutions will prefer to stay on Windows 10 for a long time.

Windows 11 is a reality, yes, everything indicates it. Microsoft was the first to join the hype train and posted undisguised leads like the latest video on its YouTube channel. But we’re sorry to say the Windows 10 end of support document isn’t one of those clues. Don’t believe everything you read on the internet.

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