Windows 10 Hotfix KB4586819 Fixes Important Bugs

Windows 10 hotfix KB4586819 is being rolled out to users. It goes through the new “Optional Updates” section in Windows Update settings. This is an optional version and it will not automatically download or install on our device until we press “ Download & Install ” after going through different pages in settings.

Latest optional Windows 10 hotfix, KB4586819, fixes a host of issues

This patch comes with a long list of fixes and improvements. For example, Microsoft says it has fixed an issue that causes File Explorer to crash when namespace extension products are enabled.

In other words, File Explorer may crash while typing in the search box and when third-party customizations are applied to the Explorer window. Likewise, Microsoft also fixed issues with the “Open File” dialog box.

Patch KB4586819 also contains fixes for some games that use spatial audio. When the feature is enabled, a bug in Windows 10 prevents games from responding. The game was not responding to keystrokes or mouse clicks.

Microsoft also fixed an annoying problem with USB 3.0. In some configurations, Microsoft has observed that devices connected to the USB 3.0 hub may stop working when the device is restarted. To resolve this issue, we need to manually disconnect and reconnect the device or install the optional update from Windows Update.

It should also be noted that KB4586819 only deploys Windows 10 version 1909 or version 1903 devices. If you are using version 20H2 or version 2004, Microsoft plans to release another update with identical fixes later this month or in the first week of December.

In December, Microsoft plans to focus on security updates and fewer updates will be released. This would mean that the next batch of optional previews will be released in the third or fourth week of January.

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