Windows 10 hotfix KB4601382 fixes gaming issues

As you already know, at the end of the month we have a series of optional updates available. These help users by fixing some issues and bugs before the monthly release. Now patch KB4601382 seeks to end a series of bugs that affected games, apps, and monitors with HDR.

This patch arrived last week and focuses on improving apps and games. Keep in mind that the optional fixes arrive before the monthly fix and it gives us a preview of what will happen in the monthly update.

Hotfix KB4601382 fixes issues with HDR in games on Windows 10

Over the past few months, some users have reported games crashing, flickering, and more after a Windows 10 update. Reports suggest that the January update was a headache for gamers and that that would solve most of the problems.

The KB4601382 patch fixes the game rendering problem. This has happened with desktop games and it has made life very difficult for gamers on Windows 10. The reality is that we still don’t know what caused these issues, but luckily this update has solved these problems.

What’s new in update KB4601382

Includes improvements to the WinHTTP service. Prepare device to remove Adobe Flash Fixes a rendering issue. Fixed a video flickering issue. Solve a problem with HDR monitors.

In addition to these changes, Microsoft fixed an issue where users could not open Win32 applications from commands. Despite the improvements, Microsoft is still investigating video issues in Google Chrome and Edge.

As we noted, this is an optional fix and will be included in the March monthly update, similar to version 19042.844. If you don’t have any issues with the games as we mentioned, you can wait for the monthly patch which will be released in a week.

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