Windows 10 October 2020 Update Reaches 30% Share

We are wrapping up a new month and we need to talk about Adduplex data. This is of great importance because it lets us know the impact of updates and if users are making the jump to newer versions of Windows 10. This month we see growth of almost 10% and reached an incredible 30%.

Windows 10 October 2020 Update is present on 1 in 3 computers

The latest official update for Windows 10 has taken a dramatic leap in the last month and is already reaching 30% market share. Data that already shows better reception for this update and we come back to the fact that almost 3 out of 4 computers are using one of the last two updates of the popular operating system

As you can see in the graph provided by the folks at Adduplex, the last three updates represent 90% of the Windows 10 share. It looks like Microsoft’s strategy is working well and people are making the jump to the latest ones. versions of Windows. ten.

We started last month before the next big update and the data is better than before. It was something important but now it’s a lot more. With the launch of Project Reunion, it is vital to end up at least in versions higher than those of 2018. As we can see, these have a marginal percentage of users.

We’ll see how users react in the next update and in particular with the fall update known as Sun Valley. The team, now led by Panos Panay, is working hard to regain people’s trust in Windows 10. The Redmond giant cannot afford to lose any more shares in the face of increasingly fierce competition.

Microsoft seems to have finally found its way and big surprises await us this year. A year in which a lot will change in Windows 10, for the better of course.

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