Windows 10 PWAs will be able to open links directly

The web offers more and more possibilities, it is easier to maintain than a native application and it facilitates the multiplatform offer. In Windows 10, we’ve already seen how Microsoft works in web-based Teams and Outlook apps to replace current apps. This is possible thanks to the new Chromium-based Edge and its powerful web view (WebView2). Now, thanks to Windows Latest, we know that PWAs (Progressive Web Applications) are going to deliver a more native experience than ever in Windows 10.

PWAs will work more natively in Windows 10

This new feature will allow users to open PWAs through the Windows 10 “Open With” dialog box. This is a key feature for separately installed web applications to be successful. The experience they offer today is totally ruined by the fact that any link we open in relation to the service opens a browser window instead of the app.

Source: Latest Windows

In the words of Fabio Rocha (Microsoft):

We would like to completely separate the browser protocol log from the application protocol log in Windows. This will allow different applications to be registered to handle the same protocols, avoiding the current need for the browser to act as a “separator” in the event of conflicting registrations.

However, this new feature still has a number of drawbacks. Only the first application registered for a protocol will provide this “native” experience. Also, the setup can be confusing for users as they can see a lot of options for similar apps and websites.

If it is finally available, this feature will be available in Chromium-based browsers present in Windows 10 such as Chrome and Edge. It can be enabled experimentally in any version of Microsoft Edge by going to the edge: // flags and enabling the PWA Desktop URL Handling option.

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