Windows 10 receives update KB5003637 with “News and Interests”

Like every first Tuesday of every month, Windows 10 users received what is called “Patch Tuesday”. This is a small update focused on fixing bugs and security issues. In this case, update KB5003637 has arrived and it does it for anyone who has already installed Windows 10 version 21H1.

Windows 10 Update KB5003637 Comes with “News & Interests” for Everyone

In this case, the list of new features is short and the Windows team made a point of highlighting the following:

Updates to improve safety when using devices such as mice, keyboards, and stylus. Windows OLE security enhancements. Updates to verify usernames and passwords. Security has been improved when Windows performs basic operations. Updates for file storage and management. Security updates for Microsoft Scripting Engine, Windows App Platform and Frameworks, Windows Input and Composition, Windows Management, Windows Cloud Infrastructure, Windows Authentication, Windows Fundamentals, Windows Virtualization, Windows Kernel, Windows HTML Platform, and Windows Storage and Filesystems.

In addition, this update allows all users the new “News and Interests” widget located in the taskbar of Windows 10. To download it, simply go to the Settings> Update section. and Security> Windows Update> Check for Updates. Here is the update note on Microsoft’s support page.

As they are all based on the “Vibranium” branch, this update applies to Windows 10 versions 2004 and later, including 20H2 and 21H2.

If you like to keep up with the development of Windows, you can’t miss the June 24 event where Windows 11 will be presented. This will include a big visual rejuvenation of the operating system, a new Microsoft Store and new touch functions.

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