Windows 10 Sun Valley could include a completely redesigned Start menu

As many of you already know, Sun Valley is the next big update for Windows 10. In fact, everything indicates that it will be the most important update the operating system has undergone since its release in 2010. 2015. Sun Valley will completely renew the native system applications and interface elements such as the taskbar, activity center and start menu. In addition, this update will also include new features such as a News & Interests widget on the taskbar and improvements to battery management settings.

A new start menu for the new era marked by Sun Valley

Zac Bowden, who works for Windows Central, recently informed us that the Windows 10 Start menu is going to be redesigned with the arrival of Sun Valley. In fact, he shared a mockup of this subtle renovation which would be based on rounding the right corners present in the menu and placing it in a floating fashion. Next, we attach the mockup we’re talking about.

Via: Zac Bowden

However, now it looks like Microsoft’s drive to renew would go far beyond such a brief Start menu review. As Bowden himself reported on his Twitter account, Microsoft would internally test a new, completely revamped Start menu. This menu would be an alternative to the one shared in the image above, so users can choose which one to use.

Hear that MS is working on a new Start menu layout for Sun Valley that’s different from the rounded Start / Tile interface we’ve seen so far. Users will be able to switch between the classic and new layout via a toggle in settings.

– Zac Bowden (@zacbowden) February 23, 2021

Bowden claims that the new Start menu would not have a “hamburger menu” and that instead our profile picture, power controls, and file explorer shortcuts would be arranged at the bottom of the menu. Also, there would be an “All apps” button in the upper right corner which would take us to a separate view of them.

We’ll have to wait until Microsoft decides to show us this new Start menu in a version of the Windows Insider Dev channel to give you our thoughts. In the meantime, we can enjoy this mockup made by Twitter user @vastglad based on the description provided by Bowden. What do you think? Would you choose this menu or the other on your Windows 10 PC?

Via: @vastglad (Twitter)

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