Windows 10 Sun Valley will tell us more about the battery

Sun Valley is the most anticipated Windows 10 update since the operating system launched in 2015. Microsoft recently recognized how little effort they’ve put into Windows over the past few years as they focus on improving their services and wanted to put an end to this situation. As a result, they have promised a significant reinvestment in Windows 10 from this year, the first consequence of which will be Sun Valley, projected for October or November of this year.

This update will completely renew the design of native applications and many parts of the operating system such as the Start menu, action center, taskbar or file explorer. Additionally, Sun Valley will include new features such as the new News & Interests widget in the taskbar.

Sun Valley won’t just revamp Windows 10’s design

Now, thanks to Twitter user Albacore, we’ve found out about the new features Microsoft is planning to include in Sun Valley. These relate to battery information, a feature that is highly requested by many users as it is already present in other operating systems.

Via: Albacore Via: Albacore

So, as we can see in the attached images, Sun Valley will display information about the battery status, usage patterns and the battery health status. The latter is particularly useful and is already integrated by other operating systems such as iOS. Thanks to this information, we will be able to know what percentage of the initial capacity our battery retains and if it is time to change it. It is also very useful when buying used PCs.

However, based on this information, the battery information will only be displayed on laptops whose initial battery capacity has been declared by the manufacturer to the operating system. We hope all manufacturers will do their part so that users can enjoy such a useful feature that can help us take better care of our devices.

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