Windows 10 Sun Valley will turn on your PC when it detects your presence

As Microsoft releases new versions of Windows 10 to the Development Ring, we continue to hear about possible news from Sun Valley. And is that this update seems not only to rejuvenate and unify the designs present in the operating system, but also to bring new and interesting news.

Some of you may remember the “Dynamic Lock” feature that came with Windows 10 Creators Update a few years ago. Its functionality is to block the equipment when it detects that we are not close to it, thanks to a device that we will have linked by Bluetooth. For example, if we leave the room with the cell phone in our pocket, Windows will lock the computer.

Windows 10 Sun Valley would have a dynamic “unlock”

What if dynamic locking worked the other way around? What if it was a dynamic “unlock”? Well, that’s what it looks like Microsoft is raising in the Group Policies (GPOs) that were found in Build 21332. The Sun Valley update for Windows 10 would have a feature to detect our presence and, no. only unlock the computer, but also activate it.

Build 21334 | Food and sleep 🔜 Human presence 🙃

– Aggiornamenti Lumia (@ALumia_Italia) March 11, 2021

Newer Windows 10 computers have the “Modern Standby” feature, which allows computers to enter a low power state similar to the sleep feature. The main difference is that the computers remain connected to the network and thus can download updates from Windows Update, notify the user, or perform maintenance tasks.

Specifically, using this “Modern Standby” feature, Windows 10 could detect that the Bluetooth device is back in range and wake the device up. As they revealed from Aggiornamenti Lumia, this functionality would correspond to the “WakeOnSwitch” functionality.

More security options for the user

The spirit of Sun Valley is to leave all functionality to the user. Therefore, we can indicate the distance at which the dynamic locking and unlocking features will be activated. This corresponds to the “WakeDistance” and “LockDistance” policies that appear in Build 21332.

Moreover, dynamic lock not only locks the computer, it also turns off the screen after a time that we have specified (“LockTimeout”). However, we are surprised by the “SensorSelect” option, which will allow us to indicate the connection with which we want Windows 10 Sun Valley to detect that we have approached or moved away from the computer.

From this we can deduce that, if we have several devices connected to the computer, we can choose the one that will indicate the proximity of the user. For example, we could use a Samsung SmartTag that we carry on our keychain, instead of our smartphone to save battery.

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