Windows 10 update KB500802 bundles it with printers

As is often the case, cumulative updates aren’t bug-free. This week the monthly patch arrived for the different versions of Windows 10 (KB500802, KB5000808, KB5000809). As always, some time after the updates the errors start to be seen, in this case the printers are the most damaged.

Hotfix KB500802 causes BSOD in printers

This is the situation that Microsoft has already acknowledged the existence of this issue which affects the versions of Windows 10 that are still supported. Versions 1803 through build 20H2 are affected by this issue.

After installing this update, we may receive an APC_INDEX_MISMATCH error with a blue screen. This will only happen if we try to print with certain applications and with certain printers.

This failure is of great importance because printing is one of the basic tasks of a PC. This is why many users are worried about this. It appears that the affected printer brands are not very popular: Kyocera, Ricoh, and Zebra, which could minimize the impact of the issue.

Microsoft itself has acknowledged that this problem exists in KB800502 and the rest of the fixes, but has not been able to say when it will be fixed. We hope the update to resolve this issue will arrive as soon as possible. While there may be fewer people affected, the situation with cumulative updates and their unreliability remains an issue.

Microsoft needs to get back on track with smooth updates. For the user, the situation where they don’t know whether to update is uncomfortable. Also, it generates negative response from users to Windows 10 updates.

We will let you know if this issue is resolved soon in KB500802 and what action Microsoft is taking to address it. We hope that there won’t be many more issues associated with this update and that the overall reliability will be improved.

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