Windows 10 will have a new function to find the cursor

As the screen diagonals increase, finding the cursor becomes more and more complicated. This task is made even more difficult on ultra-wide screens or increasingly popular multi-monitor setups. The problem is, we’re going to be moving the mouse around and we don’t have a visual response to where it is due to the size of the cursor.

In Windows 10, we can enable an accessibility option to find the cursor on the screen. With this feature, when you press the Ctrl key, you see a circle that surrounds the arrow feature to indicate its position. However, as we said, in mounts with multiple monitors it is still difficult to locate the cursor.

Windows 10 will copy a famous feature of MacOS

On MacOS, you can locate the cursor by shaking the mouse. This will darken the image, only highlighting a bubble that surrounds the cursor. This approach is the one chosen by Microsoft to add the functionality in Windows 10. How could it be otherwise, this functionality will come thanks to the famous PowerToys.

PowerToys is a productivity suite created by Microsoft to add functions to Windows 10. Among the most remarkable functions, we find an image optimizer, a batch file renaming, a search launcher… And in the next update , it will include a small GIF recorder.

As we can see in this GIF, when you shake the mouse, the whole screen darkens and a bubble that surrounds the cursor comes off. This way we can quickly locate its position on the screen. This feature is based on the UWP screen clipping APIs used, for example, by apps like Clipping and Annotation.

At the moment, it is unclear when this feature will be added to PowerToys. The app is in the process of fixing bugs, so adding new features has been stopped until next year 2021.

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