Windows 10 will launch a new font with the arrival of Sun Valley

Microsoft today released Build 21376 to the Windows Insider development channel and the main novelty was Segoe UI Variable, a new modality of the classic Segoe UI font that governs Windows 10. This important novelty is not a coincidence, but a fact. part of the project that is Sun Valley, Microsoft’s effort to renew the Windows 10 user experience, with particular emphasis on design.

Segoe UI variable will be the new font for Windows 10

Source: Microsoft

The new font presented in this version is called Segoe UI Variable. It is very similar to the classic Segoe user interface but now contains an optical axis so that the outlines of the fonts can be scaled and fit perfectly on screens of all sizes. This font uses variable font technology, so readability is greatly improved, especially on very small screens and its (too large) counterpart.

The new Segoe UI Variable font looks a bit sharper and cleaner than the previous font.
You can better see the difference between the fonts in the title bar.
(1st photo 21376, 2nd photo 21370)

– NTDEV (@NTDEV_) May 6, 2021

At this time, this font is only implemented in certain areas of the operating system in pre-release versions of Windows 10. Time will tell if Microsoft ultimately decides to include it as part of the 21H2 update (Sun Valley) or not, but everything indicates that it will be. What do you think? Do you think Windows needed a new font more suited to the new times and new screen sizes?

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