Windows 10 will tell us if our camera is enabled

One of the biggest concerns is that someone might be able to access the webcam on our laptop. People are wary of her privacy, while giving it to Facebook on the other side. Now Microsoft is working for Windows 10 on a simple icon in the taskbar that will appear when our camera is in use.

Privacy in Windows 10 will be highly regarded

It’s a clear nod to users when it comes to offering information on when their camera is active. Something very useful for anyone who is concerned about possible third party attacks on their computer.

For now, the Redmond giant is testing a new feature. You are testing the feature on internal versions of Windows 10X and it will likely be added to normal Windows 10 in the near future.

If more than one application is using the camera, the taskbar icon will show the number. For example, if Microsoft Teams is actively using the camera, we’ll see its name when we hover over it.

This is nothing new, at the moment an icon has been added in the taskbar to let us know when the microphone is in use, and the next update will allow us to see which app the camera is using.

At the moment, it is unclear when the camera permission icon will be added to the taskbar or system tray. However, these improvements are expected to be available in fall 2021 with the Windows 10 Sun Valley update, also known as version 21H2.

An update that will be full of new features. If you want to know all about what’s to come, we recommend reading our Sun Valley special to better understand the next big Windows 10 update coming in the fall.

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