Windows 10X delayed its release until the second half of this year

Many of us are eagerly awaiting the arrival of Windows 10X. Microsoft hasn’t been particularly transparent about its new, modern, lightweight, and secure operating system. At no point did they share a launch date with us, but everything indicated that in the spring of 2021 we would see the first devices with Windows 10X. Now, it looks like that date would be postponed until the fall.

Windows 10X and Sun Valley to share the spotlight in fall 2021

Zac Bowden, reporter for Windows Central, confirmed the news. The Redmond had planned the launch of the first computers equipped with Windows 10X in April or May of this year. However, for this it was necessary to have a final version that was stable and polished enough to send it to manufacturers in December, which was not possible.

For this reason, the North American giant, which has never been very fond of the rush, has decided to postpone the launch until the fall of this year 2021. They want to make this new Windows so polished and stable as possible to provide a quality experience. This implies that they must have a final version to ship to manufacturers later this spring.

In addition, this new strategy from Microsoft will allow the launch of Windows 10X to coincide with that of Sun Valley, the most important update to Windows 10 to date. With that we will have this year what Panos Panay, Director of Windows, called “the new generation of Windows”.

According to Bowden, Windows 10X will continue to be particularly focused on its release on low-end devices for the education and enterprise markets. It will be later, probably sometime in 2022 or even 2023, when Microsoft tries to make the leap into the consumer sector.

What do you think of this Microsoft decision? Do you think Windows 10X will be ready for this date? Do you think he will be successful in the education and business markets initially? How will users receive it later?

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