Windows 10X roadmap signals launch in 2021

Silence is often a dual-purpose weapon, and it happens with Windows 10X. By remaining silent, we imply that there is no news and that many get nervous and believe things are wrong. But, often, it’s better to shut up and work before posting things early and bad.

According to sources from Zac Bowden, who works for Windows Central, work on Windows 10X is getting better and better. According to Bowden, the operating system, which is designed with a special interface and now optimized for laptops and tablets, should be ready by 2020.

The final version of Windows 10X will arrive in December

Specifically, December 2020 is mentioned as the period of the so-called Release To Manufacturing (RTM). From this point on, the development work is finished. This is the first final version of Windows 10X. The “end” is then only an intermediate step, as Windows 10X will also continue to be developed and updated in the future.

According to Bowden himself, the availability of Windows 10X should target spring 2021. This is subject to evolutionary development and testing. This new system could still be limited to a group of internal tests or launched in an Insider program.

Microsoft will likely wait for the completion of a first release, which will be referred to as the preliminary final release. Only this “RTM version” will be made available to independent testers, if Microsoft actually decides on an external test, according to their forecasts.

When Microsoft introduced Windows 10X, the target was dual-screen or foldable devices like the Surface Neo, but now the timeline is said to have changed. Subsequently, there was talk of an introduction for “normal” PCs (ie devices with a single screen) in the spring of 2021. We’ll see what Microsoft announces when the time comes. This could be the resurgence of Windows tablets.

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