Windows 10X will have anti-theft protection

Yesterday we started talking about Windows 10X. The reason is very simple, a version of this operating system was leaked and people were able to install it as a virtual machine. Thanks to this, we got a lot of information about it. Among other things, the theft protection that the new system will have

Your device safer with Windows 10X

In the impending Windows 10X, Microsoft wants to offer a new and different image. Plus new features like theft protection. This new anti-theft protection feature will prevent others from resetting your Windows 10 device and using it again. Once you have enabled this feature on your Windows 10 device, you will need to enter your Microsoft account PIN or password to reset the device. In 2015, Microsoft had a similar feature for Windows Phone devices in the name of reset protection.

Remember, Windows 10X was originally designed for high-end dual-screen computers. Its focus has now changed and it will be used in cheaper laptops running UWP and PWA applications. Its goal is to compete with Chrome OS and offer an alternative to Google’s operating system.

The first devices running Windows 10X are expected in the spring of 2021. The devices will be aimed at frontline workers who do not normally use computers. Much of the work should make the operating system easy and intuitive to use for this population.

Very soon we will show you more details about this new system and how it works. The operating system would be almost ready and now we need to work on the details for launch. The Redmond giant doesn’t want ChromeOS to continue to grow. Its alternative is called Windows 10X and it is now ready to be tried by manufacturers and, by mistake, also by users.

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