Windows 10X will not have any apps preinstalled

Windows 10X is Microsoft’s attempt to compete with Chrome OS. As such, its goal is to remove all old functionality from Windows and deliver a modern, lightweight experience. When launching, it won’t have support for Win32 apps, so it will be completely focused on UWP apps and web apps.

In fact, the folks at Redmond were rearranging the preinstalled apps to create a cohesive Windows 10X experience. However, these utilities will not come preinstalled with the operating system. In case we want to use, for example, Mail and Calendar app, we will have to use Microsoft Store to install it.

Windows 10X gives us control over apps

Windows Central reporter Zac Bowden said apps like Mail and Calendar, in addition to other apps typically preinstalled in Windows 10, will not initially be present in Windows 10X. However, we can install and uninstall them on demand from the Microsoft Store.

This has a number of advantages for users and developers. The operating system will weigh even less by not including these applications from the first minute, reducing the space used on the storage unit. Additionally, we may use other third-party applications to replace Microsoft applications.

Mail and Calendar are not preinstalled in Windows 10X RTM. Users can manually install Store apps if they want, but they’re not built-in by default.

– Zac Bowden (@zacbowden) January 10, 2021

This last point benefits developers, who can compete face-to-face with Microsoft when building apps for Windows 10X. In addition, we may avoid installing these applications and using the web versions of these services. For example, we can access the Outlook web or install your PWA, instead of installing the Mail and Calendar app.

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