Windows 10X would already be ready to ship to manufacturers

Windows Central Editor-in-Chief Zac Bowden is the journalist with the most and the best information about Windows 10X. His have been the biggest leaks so far, so we still give his words a high degree of credibility. If you still do not know what Windows 10X is, we advise you to consult the article where we explain it in detail.

Windows 10X is ready. Start the countdown.

I’m trying to confirm, but I believe the final version of Windows 10X was compiled to version 20279. MS will continue to fix bugs internally between now and when the first 10X devices start shipping.

– Zac Bowden (@zacbowden) December 11, 2020

Today, a few moments ago, Zac posted on his Twitter account that his information indicates that Windows 10X reached its final version in 20279. This is the RTM version, that is, the one that Microsoft will send it to the manufacturers to have it shipped from the factory to your devices. From there, Redmond will continue to fix bugs internally until launch day, preparing a “day 0 patch”.

History of a tortuous development

The development of Windows 10X has been very bumpy. Presenting itself in its early stages as a modern Windows aesthetically undifferentiated from Windows 10, it was eventually introduced to all of us as an operating system for flexible dual-screen devices.

However, the passage of time and unforeseen circumstances have forced Microsoft to change course. The pandemic shook the world, telecommuting prevailed, and the demand for laptops began to grow steadily. In a statement, Panos Panay confirmed the new direction Windows 10X should take to adapt to this new world: a lightweight, modern and secure operating system for mid-range and entry-level laptops and tablets. range.

From what we learned later, Windows 10X will be released in Spring 2021 and in its early stages it won’t be aimed at a mainstream audience but at the education and business sector. It will lack support for Win32 applications at first, although it should acquire it in 2022. That leaves us with a lighter and more modern Windows 10, yes, but also cut.

All we know is that the schedule is tightening and Windows 10X is about to become a reality with body and form in front of our eyes. The profile that Microsoft will maintain regarding the said system and the plans it has for it in the future remains unresolved. Will it ever be the most used Windows?

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