Windows 10X would be billed as “The New Windows”

Windows 10X is Microsoft’s next operating system. After a convulsive development, it will finally see the light of day this year and will initially focus on business and the education sector. Later, in 2022, after a major update, it will reach the generality of consumers.

Windows 10X is a lightweight, modern, and secure operating system. His goal? Take on Google’s Chromebooks whose sales have grown so much during the pandemic. They are touch-sensitive operating systems that require very few resources, making them ideal for low-cost devices.

Microsoft will bet big on Windows 10X

We know that in March Microsoft is expected to ship Windows 10X RTM to manufacturers to start testing it on their devices. Therefore, the launch should not be delayed beyond the spring of this year.

Now, thanks to WalkingCat (@ _h0x0d_ on Twitter), a well-known and trusted leaker, we’ve learned some new details about Windows 10X. Apparently, Microsoft would market this operating system under the banner “The New Windows”. This is inferred from WalkingCat’s second tweet, in which, although he admits the presentation wouldn’t be next month (March), he points out that the important thing is “the name”.

WalkingCat is renowned for accessing product overview documents and videos before they are officially released, so you’ve probably accessed the one related to operating system overview.

more details: the (main) point here is not a question of timing, it is the name 🙃

– WalkingCat (@ _h0x0d_) February 26, 2021

It seems strange that Microsoft intends to refer to Windows 10X in these terms, implying that it is “the evolution of Windows 10”. We cannot forget that we are not faced with some sort of “Windows 11”, but rather a light and simplified version of Windows that we know.

Another option is for Microsoft to finally choose a name other than Windows 10X for its new operating system, taking a completely different path from Windows 10. So, ready to dream, we can imagine names like Windows Go or Windows Lite. .

In any case, it will be a matter of weeks to have a definitive answer to all our questions about Windows 10X. Hopefully the launch is successful and ChromeOS has a rival to match in the low-end web-based PC and tablet market.

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