Windows 11 improves Windows Ink with a new feature

Many people still see Windows 11 as just a system facelift. Yesterday Microsoft gave us a little snapshot showing that they have worked in many areas. Yesterday we got to see the new Start menu, the new Settings app interface, the new Microsoft Store app, the new File Explorer and much more. But as they say, there were things under the hood when it came to Windows Ink, dynamic refresh rate, or dynamic refresh rate.

Windows 11 will work best with Windows Ink

One of the surprises we found is a more natural movement when working with optical pens like the Surface Pen. This new version of Windows 11 includes a new feature called Dynamic Refresh Rate (DRR) that will allow us to enjoy a more natural Windows Ink experience with smoother scrolling, without compromising battery usage.

As the name suggests, Dynamic Refresh Rate allows the device to set the refresh rate dynamically. For example, if we have a 120Hz screen, the device will go to 120Hz when using the touch scroll pen. When we’re done using it, it will revert to 60Hz for the rest of the tasks. This balances performance and power consumption. The following applications support dynamic refresh rate in Windows 11:

Smoother Windows ink: Microsoft Office, Microsoft Edge, whiteboard, photos, cropping and annotation, Drawboard PDF, Sticky Notes, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Illustrator, Microsoft To Do, Inkodo Smoother scrolling: Microsoft Office

If you have the following hardware running Windows 11 Insider version, you can take advantage of this new DRR feature:

To use DRR, we will need a laptop with a display that supports Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) and a refresh rate of at least 120Hz. Additionally, DRR requires a graphics driver (WDDM 3.0) that supports it (available through Windows Update). They are working with graphics display partners to bring updated graphics drivers that support DRR into the Windows Insider program. Therefore, some people may need to wait a little longer to use DRR.

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