Windows 11 leak: video and first impressions

After a version of Windows 11 leaked, networks were filled with comments about the new Microsoft operating system. There are 8 days left before its presentation and we have already been able to see and test an important part of its novelties. Let’s review them!

Patience: this is only the beginning

First of all, we want to call for calm. Many trade media will be desperate for clicks with catastrophic titles on Windows 11. The reality is that this is far from a final version of Windows 11 and we cannot praise the reviews for it.

This is just the beginning. Tune in on June 24 at 11 a.m.ET to see the rest. #MicrosoftEvent

– Windows (@Windows) June 15, 2021

Many parts of the operating system are missing from the redesign. New preinstalled apps like new Store, new Settings app and many more are missing. It remains to be seen the new settings of the file explorer. A redesign of the lower right of the taskbar is missing. Patience! Lots of things are missing!

Windows 11 is (almost) all we needed

We’ve asked Windows a lot of things, and it’s clear Windows 11 will fulfill one of them: it’ll be a big visual leap. The new animations, icons, gestures, Start menu, taskbar, search… are a visual pleasure compared to their Windows 10 counterparts.

Source: Microsofters

Details matter. This is one of the maxims of the new Windows 11. Microsoft wants us to use Windows because we love it, not because we “need” it. They want the user to feel attached to and benefit from the operating system. Windows 11 is moving firmly in this direction.

My experience of using this Build 21996 for hours on end has been much more pleasant than with Windows 10. Also, I still think that this is “just the beginning” and that the final version will be much better. in all respects, especially in terms of consistency in design.

Looking ahead to the next few years, we must continue to be demanding with Microsoft. Windows 11 cannot be a big push followed by new years of neglect for the operating system.

With the modernized interface, the Windows team should focus on optimizing the performance of the operating system at least as much as it did in the days of Windows 8. If Windows 10X does not come out, it will need Windows 11 to work well enough. on computers, not powerful enough to compete with the Chromebook. Windows 10 fails in this regard.

And you, what did you think? What else would you ask of this new Windows? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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