Windows 11 Microsoft Store already shows Edge extensions

We’ve discussed on other occasions how the Microsoft Store is revolutionizing Windows 11, as well as Windows 10. The store has gone from only accepting UWP and Project Centennial apps to accepting all kinds of apps, as well as extensions. . If we search the new store for Microsoft Edge, we will see some extensions.

Extensions are also joining the Windows 11 Microsoft Store

It seems that eventually in Windows 11, the Microsoft Store will be the only destination for everything. Microsoft Store policies will also allow developers to publish Chromium-based Edge extensions to the Microsoft Store. This makes it easier to acquire them from Windows 11, simplifying the overall web browsing experience in Windows 11.

On Windows 10, Edge extensions are offered through Microsoft’s web add-on store. During the developer conference, Microsoft revealed that extensions that would work in Edge will also be available through the Windows 11 app store. Anyone looking for third-party extensions can now search the Microsoft Store instead.

Microsoft’s new vision for the Store is simple: Windows 11 Store becomes the one-stop destination for all your apps and games. This includes Android apps. In fact, Microsoft is trying to integrate app stores like Amazon AppStore directly into the new Store, so it makes sense that the company is releasing extensions through Microsoft Store as well.

Extensions like Outlook and LastPass for Edge are now available in the Store. However, it is not yet clear how the migration will work. Microsoft can automatically move all extensions to the Store without the developers having to intervene.

For now, it looks like the Extensions Store in Microsoft Edge will continue and coexist with the Microsoft Store. Maybe it’s just a reflection of that and an easier way to get our extensions.

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