Windows 11 Preview 1 (Build 22000.56): What’s new and how to download it

The Windows Insider Program team continues to meet deadlines, and as announced last week, the first version of Windows 11 is coming to the Windows Insider Program today. The version, as we have already indicated, differs a bit from the version that leaked a few weeks ago.

What’s new in Windows 11 Build 22000.56

First of all, we already have a first edit in File Explorer, although they have already ventured to say that based on our feedback, it might not be the last. The Windows Insider team is more active than ever and wants to hear our opinion on this.

In this case we have a new top menu which replaces the classic ribbon and uses the new effect known as “Mica” and which replaces “Acrylic” in most cases thanks to the fact that it does not penalize performance. and that it is more aesthetically consistent.

In addition, we have new modern context menus with new iconography and with all the news already present in previous versions of Cobalt for File Explorer.

The Settings app has radically changed with a new design and a new interface. Taking better advantage of all the space, more colorful and visually more attractive. The objective is very clear, the Control Panel will sooner or later disappear to be integrated into this new application. It also uses the Mica effect.

Widgets are another such item that has caught the attention of many. This first version has arrived, already based on WebView2 and which gives us not only the news but also access to mail, calendar and other areas.

Another element that is changing is the Action Center. Although some say it is the same as in the preview, the result is very different. We have separate notifications from the quick actions and it has a design to suit the rest of the operating system.

Finally, the first version of the new Microsoft Store is coming. With a lot of work to do, but with lightning speed. Of course, this time the Android apps that will arrive later are not available.

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