Windows 11 Preview (Build 22000.65): What’s new and how to download it

The Windows Insider program team continues to meet deadlines, although this week they’ve been delayed a bit. Today, the second version of Windows 11 is coming to the Windows Insider program. This version is only for a few of the things suggested by users.

What’s new in Windows 11 Build 22000.65

New improvements to the Start menu and other areas

The Start menu now has a search bar to help you find what you need. The taskbar is now displayed on multiple monitors if you enable it from Settings> Personalization> Taskbar. Several dialog boxes have been updated, such as the one related to the low battery of the device or the one that appears when changing the screen configuration with the new design of Windows 11. “Power Modes” appear now on the “Food” page. and battery ”in Settings. Right-clicking on the desktop now directly displays the “Update” option without having to enter “Show more options”. Right-clicking on a .ps1 file in File Explorer now directly displays a “Run with PowerShell” option without needing to click “Show more options”. Instant layouts available on small PCs using “portrait mode” have been optimized for this posture. We can now choose to place three windows on top of each other instead of four quadrants. Thanks to a collaboration with China’s most popular GIF provider,, GIFs are now available in the Windows 11 emoji panel (WIN +.). Right clicking on the volume icon in the taskbar now includes an option to troubleshoot sound issues.

Bugs fixed in version 22000.65

A remote code execution vulnerability has been fixed in the Windows Spooler Service, known as “PrintNightmare”, as documented in CVE-2021-34527. For more information see the link below.


Fixed an issue where it was not possible to click the Show Desktop button with the mouse on the edge of the taskbar. Fixed an issue where the date and time on the taskbar did not reflect our preferred format. Fixed an issue where the preview window could not display the entire window when hovering over the task view in the taskbar. Fixed an issue when pressing ESC or clicking on desktop to not close the open app preview thumbnail window if focus is set after pressing WIN + T. Fixed An issue where if you rotate a computer to portrait orientation and back to landscape mode, application icons may not display in the taskbar even though there is space.


Addresses an issue that prevented the installation from starting. They fixed a flicker in the animation when closing Quick Settings and Notification Center by clicking their respective icons in the taskbar. Fixed an issue where the Quick Settings and Action Center windows were missing shadows. Fixed an issue where it was not possible to launch Quick Settings by setting the keyboard focus to the taskbar and pressing the Enter key. Fixed an issue where quick settings would not display correctly if we removed all settings except volume. Localized issue that mitigates the unexpected activation of Focus Assist. Fixed issue with animation on touch keyboard when resizing in settings. Found and fixed an issue where login options in settings had an unexpected checkbox in facial recognition without text. Fixed an issue where lock screen settings had a toggle button with no text. Addresses an issue where the title of the Advanced Options page in Windows Update under Settings could be missing. Fixed an issue where the “Windows Privacy Options” at the bottom of Privacy & Security> Search Permissions in Settings did not work. Fixed an issue where the Open Navigation button could overlap other text. Fixed an issue that caused settings to crash when applying a theme in contrasts. Fixed an issue where some parts of the settings were unexpectedly in English for some languages ​​other than English.

Known bugs in Build 22000.65


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