Windows 11 widgets will be exclusive to Microsoft for now

We continue to detail the various details of Windows 11. Partly thanks to the leaked version that some colleagues have already installed and in part thanks to leaks from some experts in the field. This time we have some interesting information about widgets, which goes back to Windows 11.

Widgets will come only from Microsoft, at first

The News and Interests area has sparked controversy. In general, this is a useful item, but it has some flaws that make it difficult to use. One of the main issues is using the EdgeHTML web view which is slow and abandoned. With Chromium-based WebView2, the operation is much faster under Windows 11.

The new Windows 11 Widgets area becomes the News and Interests menu which we can access with a gesture. Now, many who have been able to test this Widgets area are wondering if they will allow access to third party Widgets and through WalkingCat we already have the answer.

Windows widgets will be first-party only at first, third-party support will come later.

– WalkingCat (@ _h0x0d_) June 20, 2021

And that would solve one of the most controversial points of Windows 11. For those who liked Live Tiles and considered it a mistake to remove them, it looks like these widgets could replace them. In this way, we will maintain the functionality of the Live Tiles for those who love it and only for the applications that interest us.

It wouldn’t be surprising if Microsoft finalized a Widget for music control and another for email or calendar management. As already stated by Microsoft, we have only seen the beginning. In just four days, we’ll officially know all the details of Windows 11.

It seems that Widgets could be the evolution of Live Tiles and allow, as we have already seen in News and Interests, to be more interactive. An evolution more than necessary given the zero changes in recent years.

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