Windows 11 will have iOS Parallax effect on the lock screen

With the announcement of Windows 11, many people have found similarities with macOS X for the taskbar-centric or with Linux for other options. Yes, they are all inspired by the functions of others. We now know that Windows 11 will have the Parallax effect of iOS on the lock screen as well.

Windows 11 will have a lock screen with perspective

As is often the case in these cases, this emerged from ADeltaX, one of the well-known leakers. We can see how, when moving the device, the image has a certain perspective and depth when using the aforementioned Parallax effect. An interesting detail that eliminates the flat and simple image of other previous versions of Windows.

Live Lock Screen Wallpaper (Windows 11)
cc @thebookisclosed

– ADeltaX (@ADeltaXForce) July 4, 2021

With Windows 11, the Microsoft team wants to go further and show that it has worked in all areas. At the moment we have only been able to test the first version, but in the coming weeks we will see some improvements over the first version released.

We hope to at least see the dynamic change between topics, which is ideal when we are working long hours. We are also confident that dynamic wallpapers will reach the new operating system, giving our team a more dynamic style.

It looks like Windows 11 is a lot more than what some describe as Windows 10.1 or similar and that we will know more details very soon. Meanwhile, the Windows Insider team continues to work on extending functionality in each release that comes out.

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