Windows 11 will let you turn on your tablet just by touching the screen

Despite the fact that Windows 11 Build 21996 was leaked a few days ago, not all news of Microsoft’s new operating system is included in it. We know we have a lot to see both in terms of the interface and new apps and features. One of these is “Wake on touch”, a function we already know from our smartphones.

Windows 11 wants to regain ground on tablets

This feature, as the name suggests, will allow us to activate our device with a simple touch on the screen when it is in sleep state. This is a feature that we have known for a long time from our cell phones and that many have implemented in the form of “double tap”.

Source: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central

This feature was found by Twitter user @thebookisclosed. Unfortunately, for the moment, it’s hidden in the current version of Windows 11. We believe it will be part of the new Settings app that’s on its way and we’ve seen some captures already.

This feature of Windows 11 will likely only work on modern hardware. Will the new Surface that Microsoft will present at the end of the year be the first devices to support it? Will Surface Neo with Windows 11 be one of them? Only time will tell, but until then let’s take advantage of what we know. Only 5 days left!

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