Windows 11 will offer direct Microsoft Teams integration

Many predicted that Microsoft Teams was born dead for this reason to arrive last in the workspace industry. And we can no longer be wrong, since thanks to the work those of Redmond have managed to make it a benchmark, and it is on the way to becoming a benchmark in the sector.

Microsoft Teams fully integrated with Windows 11

Today, with the launch of Windows 11, Microsoft reaffirmed its commitment to Microsoft Teams by announcing that the service will be fully integrated into its new operating system. Something completely expected if you take into account the relevance that Microsoft Teams already has.

So, as Panos Panay announced at the conference, Windows 11 users will be able to quickly create and join meetings in Microsoft Teams. For this, the application will be located in a prominent place in the Windows 11 Start menu and, as we have already said, fully integrated into the entire operating system.

Unfortunately, the people of Redmond haven’t said much more about what this integration will look like, so we assume that over the days we will learn more about it. What do you think? Do you usually use Microsoft Teams?

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