Windows 11 will only get one major update per year

It looks like the Redmond giant has learned from its mistakes and Windows 11 will eliminate one of the most common complaints from users. More than two major updates per year, the new system will only have one major annual update and is well aligned with the rest of the industry.

Goodbye two big updates per year in Windows 11

The problem with two major updates per year is that the Windows team was unable to deliver two updates that meet the requirements for quality and new features. This caused users to experience more launch issues than desired.

With Windows 11 Microsoft has learned the lesson and will return to an annual update cycle as Google or Apple are already doing. With one update per year, we have plenty to take advantage of all the new things, and Microsoft engineers can incorporate more changes and work better on features. In this way, we get Windows 11 to be much more sophisticated.

From Microsoft, they claim that Windows 11 updates are 40% smaller, which means less time to download and install them. Make the update process easier and less dramatic in terms of update time.

Finally, we remind you that the new Windows will arrive in the last quarter of the year with new functions that we have not yet seen. Of course, just one big update doesn’t mean we won’t get the usual cumulative updates to improve performance. And if we want to be always up to date, the Windows Insider program will allow us to take advantage of system updates every week.

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