Windows 11 will tell us the estimated time to update our equipment

One of the biggest fears when updating a Windows PC is about updates. You know when they will start, although sometimes it surprises too, but we don’t know when the update will end. You can offer us a coffee, for two or a meal with coffee, drink and cigar. However, it looks like Microsoft wants to help us in Windows 11 by indicating how long an update will take.

Windows 11 will give us the approximate update time

We hope this brings back memories of the past and that Windows 11 gives us the opportunity to find out how long it will take to install an update. This is something that some users have already seen in the first Build. This way we can know, before allowing the update, if it is going to be long and tedious or a matter of minutes.

Thanks to the folks at gHacks, we can see the first screenshots. The update message has changed and now gives us a time estimate. Yes, it won’t be accurate, but it will give us a better understanding of how much time we will waste updating the hardware. In the case of the folks at gHacks, they exceeded the stated time and the update was completed in just a minute. In other words, Microsoft also offers a certain margin to avoid taking risks when it comes to reporting. It is always better to offer a moment with a little slack instead of rushing and people then get frustrated because the data offered is not being met.

At least for now, it doesn’t seem like this option always pops up. During the Windows 11 live stream, Microsoft’s Panos Panay promised that Windows 11 updates will be 40% smaller and install faster than updates to previous versions of Windows. Along with these improvements, an estimate of the time for updates should make the Windows 11 update process much less stressful.

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