Windows Autopilot now available for Hololens 2 – Microsofters

Earlier this year, Microsoft announced the private preview of Windows Autopilot for HoloLens 2. Last Friday, Redmond reported the arrival of the public preview for HoloLens 2. This will allow administrators to preconfigure new devices and configure them. for productive use.

Windows Autopilot debuts in Hololens 2

Windows Autopilot streamlines deployments and early user experiences. This significantly reduces costs and time. However, this is something that took some time to implement with guarantees.

When a user starts the certification process with Windows Autopilot, they perform the following steps. It should be noted that at the beginning it can be complicated but it’s a nice improvement which will bring great comfort.

Join the device to Azure Active Directory (Azure AD). Please note that Windows Autopilot for HoloLens does not support Active Directory merge or Azure AD hybrid merge. We use Azure AD to enroll the device in Microsoft Endpoint Manager (or another MDM service). We upload and apply policies, certificates and device-oriented Network and Apps profiles We provide the device We present the user login screen.

In general, Autopilot will make it much easier to introduce a device into your business. Whether it’s the first HoloLens 2 or a demo machine, everything will be registered in Azure AD.

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