Windows Virtual Desktop is renamed Azure Virtual Desktop

The Redmond giant no longer surprises anyone with Azure. The reality is, Nadella’s commitment to cloud services has proven to be a hard-to-beat success. That’s why we’re not surprised that the Windows Virtual Desktop service goes by the name Azure.

Azure Virtual Desktop is the new name for Windows Virtual Desktop

Going forward, businesses will need to support an ever-changing environment with remote and hybrid work scenarios. To help customers and partners meet these new hybrid work demands, they broadened their vision to become a flexible cloud VDI platform suitable for any use, anywhere.

A modern VDI platform should be secure, scalable, and easy to manage. All this providing a seamless and efficient experience for end users. It must also give organizations the ability to customize and create solutions with its technology.

To support this broader vision and the changing needs of users, the Redmond giant has decided to adapt the name change to Azure Virtual Desktop to encompass more options. He maintains that if the two models, that of payment for the applications per month (5.50 dollars for the applications) and that of payment for the applications and the desktop (10 dollars per month). In addition, they will work with partners such as VMWare and Citrix to offer endless solutions that adapt to our needs.

They are also proud of their ecosystem of hundreds of partners. They have created countless custom solutions and provide technical advice to help you implement with confidence. If you are interested, we highly recommend that you visit Azure Marketplace. So you can learn more about partner solutions and information about partners with advanced specialization.

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