WinUI 3 Preview 3 now available for developers

Microsoft is steadily advancing its plan to unify the Windows application development space with “Project Reunion.” Today Microsoft released WinUI 3 Preview 3 for developers. At the same time, the dates on your Reunion project roadmap have also been updated.

WinUI 3 Preview 3 now available

The development team has been working hard on Preview 3 since the release of Preview 2 in July. As you might expect, this new version includes countless bug fixes, exciting new features, and improvements to existing capabilities to help developers test their apps as much as possible.

Added support for ARM64 Added support for drag and drop in and out of RenderTargetBitmap applications (XAML content only for now; SwapChainPanel content will be captured later) Improvements to the developer tools experience : Live Visual Tree, Hot Reload, Live Property Explorer and similar tools. Intelisense now works for WinUI 3. MRT Core Integration: Makes applications faster and lighter at startup and provides faster resource finding. Custom slider support. Non-threaded input API. Microsoft

How to use WinUI 3 Preview 3?

This new previous version requires an updated version of Visual Studio (16.9), which will also automatically download the latest version of .NET 5, if we are interested in building desktop apps. There are also a few sample apps we can check out: the WinUI 3 version of the XAML Controls Gallery, where we can directly interact with all of the included controls.

Microsoft recommends creating new projects when using WinUI 3 Preview 3. The process of updating an application from Preview 2 to Preview 3 can get complicated. However, if we’ve been working hard on a large-scale application with Preview 2 and don’t want to create new project files, we’ve put together a list of upgrade steps to guide us.

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