wireless electricity supply: wireless electricity technology start-up Emrod future of energy: test in New Zealand developed electric power technology, the world will get rid of electric wires

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The New Zealand project, which tested wireless power technology, was successful if countries around the world got power cables. New Zealand startup developed the technology, Nicole Tesla was the first to design Washington
Imagine that sometimes you wake up to sleep and the utility pole in front of your house is missing. Have no fear, even after those random tangled power cables disappear, the power supply will continue in your home. In fact, the New Zealand government and a startup named Amrode are working on the project at a rapid pace. If this partnership works, it can fulfill the dream of providing wireless power.

The trial will start this year
Providing electricity wirelessly seems like science fiction. But, this technology has already been developed. Now a case study is underway on its usefulness. In its first such pilot program, Powerco, New Zealand’s second-largest electricity distributor, will begin testing technology from start-up Amrod this year.

Such electricity will work wirelessly
These two companies plan to deploy a prototype 130-foot wireless power infrastructure for this test. To make this possible, Amrod has developed a rectified antenna. He was named Rectina. Thanks to this antenna, the electric microwaves sent by the antenna of the transmitter can be captured. It is said that this type of technology can prove to be a boon to the hilly areas of New Zealand.

Development of wireless power transmission technology
Greg Kushnir, founder of Amerod, said that we have developed technology for long distance wireless power transmission. This technique itself has been around for a long time. It can be a future with a revolution in the field of energy. He said that the first hypothesis of such a wireless power supply was first devised by famous scientist Nicole Tesla.

Nicole Tesla conceived 150 years ago
In the 1890s, Tesla first devised wireless power delivery. For this, he also worked on a transformer circuit called a “Tesla coil”, which produces electricity, but he could not prove that he could control a beam of electricity over long distances. Now this start-up says we’re going to fulfill the dream Tesla had dreamed of.

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