“With the other contracts, the EU has a lot more doses than it needs”

Publication: Monday April 12, 2021 20:05

If a week ago the Community of Madrid claimed to have had talks with the Russian laboratory which manufactures the Sputnik V vaccine to test its purchase, Andalusia announced on Monday that it would do the same. Despite the initiative that these communities seem to have to lead the negotiations, the health spokesperson and director of the Center for the Coordination of Alerts and Health Emergencies, Fernando Simón, considered that for the moment it is not necessary to ‘acquire this vaccine, and affirms that “with the other contracts [de otras vacunas], the EU has many more doses than it needs. “

“With the number of vaccines coming in, and more and more will come, I don’t think it’s necessary,” Simón insisted at a press conference. In addition, he recalled that it is a drug that must be approved and that Europe is currently evaluating its effects and effectiveness.

Thus, Simón argued that he was not aware of a specific request for this vaccine to be approved in Spain. He also clarified that he does not know whether Russia is currently able to produce as many vaccines as it does to immunize its population and export at the same time.

However, he made it clear that if Europe approved the vaccine, “Spain will participate in the contract”, as happened with the rest of the formulas that are gradually arriving in our country.

For his part, the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, asked the autonomous communities not to embark on purchases alone. “We must be loyal and united. One of the successes of the European strategy is that we go together in the purchase of vaccines. Therefore, all I ask is responsibility, loyalty and seriousness. This vaccine is currently being validated, ”Sánchez said at a press conference.

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