“Without the government, I would have already had Madrid vaccinated 100%”

Publication: Friday, April 16, 2021 12:10

Isabel Díaz Ayuso considers that the Community of Madrid could better manage the COVID-19 vaccination plan than the central government.

This is what he said in an interview with “Vozpópuli”, in which he assured that “without the government, he would vaccinate 100% of the population of Madrid”.

In this sense, he defended that Madrid “macrovaccines” every day more than 50,000 people in different parts “of the region. “What I do know is that as the vaccines come in, they are provided. Nobody wants to keep the vaccines at all because we are the primary stakeholders in getting the immunity to come as soon as possible,” he added in this regard.

This is how he spoke when asked if he plans to step up primary care to vaccinate on weekends, since the community is seventh in the ranking of vaccines inoculated in Spain.

He also insisted that he would ask that citizens under the age of 60 can be vaccinated with AstraZeneca if they wish. What members of his government have already pointed out, given the decision to provide this vaccine to people aged 60 to 69.

Madrid “macro-vaccine” every day more than 50,000 people in different parts “of the region”

Precisely, this Friday the Deputy Minister of Public Health, Antonio Zapatero, indicated that Madrid was considering closing certain mass vaccination centers, such as the Wanda Metropolitano, the Wizink Center or the Zendal, because they have no more information on the arrival of new doses against the coronavirus.

“To date, in the Community of Madrid, we have no information on other vaccines available beyond the 157,900 vaccines that Pfizer has confirmed to us. We have no more information. This week , we’ve put in about 270,000 vaccines, for next week we’re doing it. no more information, “Zapatero said.

Thus, according to the person in charge of the management of the pandemic in Madrid, “with this information on the arrival of vaccines in the Community, if they are the only ones that we will receive, we will be forced to consider closing the vaccination points. massive. “.

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