Woman beheaded in a French church: brutal murder of three people in a French church, a woman’s throat cut

A similar murder case has come to light after the teacher was strangled to death in France in the Prophet’s cartoon controversy. In a church in France, an assailant slit the throat of a woman and brutally killed two other people. The incident took place in the city of Nice, France. The city’s mayor called this terrible incident terrorism.

Mayor Christian Istorci said the knife attack took place in the town’s Church of Our Lady. The police arrested the assailant. Police said three people had been confirmed dead. Many more were injured. A police source said the woman’s throat was cut. A French leader also confirmed that the woman’s throat was cut.

The French counterterrorism department said it had been tasked with investigating the attack. Journalists at the scene say armed men surrounded the church. Ambulances and fire engines are present on site. The attack comes at a time when the French teacher was murdered shortly before when he saw a cartoon of the Prophet.

It is not immediately clear what the motive was for the murder of people in the church by a knife attack, or what is meant by the cartoon of the Prophet. Earlier in France, a teacher was strangled to death upon seeing a cartoon of the Prophet. After this incident, French President Emmanuel Macron strongly supported the right to express one’s freedom and to ridicule religion. However, he has since fallen victim to criticism from Muslim countries.

Meanwhile, Iranian President Hassan Ruhani has warned France that criticizing the prophet will result in “violence and bloodshed.” Ruhani said that Western countries must understand that … to criticize the Prophet is to criticize all Muslims, all prophets and all human values. Criticizing the Prophet will not achieve anything. It is immoral. It is the promotion of violence.

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