Woman eats moss in Utah: A woman who disappeared for a year after camping, kept herself alive after eating moss and grass – a woman found missing since 2020 living in the utah canyon eating moss and grass

The 47-year-old woman, who went missing while camping in the United States, was finally discovered a year later. The woman was discovered using a drone in the deserted area of ​​the Utah National Forest. After that, the rescue team arrived and took the woman to safety. Now he has been admitted to the hospital for treatment.

Live alive by eating grass and moss
The Utah County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement the woman was keeping herself alive by eating moss and grass without any resources. However, the police did not make the identity of the woman public. Police said the woman lost a lot of her body weight. As a result, she struggled with many physical issues. Police also claimed the woman suffered from mental health problems.

Canyon went of its own accord in 2020
Officials said the woman went camping in Diamond Fork Canyon last year of her own accord. This area is deserted and quite dangerous. It is claimed that this woman, on her return, wandered the path and entered this hilly place. When the car left the side, he decided to walk alone.

The search began when he saw an empty car
For the first few days, the woman brought water with her and went to eat. But, when she had everything she needed, she looked for a source of water. This woman spent several months eating moss and grass here. However, during this time, his health declined dramatically. The Utah Sheriff’s Department began searching for the woman in November 2020, when U.S. Forest Service officials spotted her empty car at the campsite.

Woman found unconscious in tent
The woman appeared to the drone probing the places near the car which was found empty last Sunday. After that, officials from the sheriff’s office arrived there with the team from the forestry department. Officials said when we arrived at the scene a tent appeared. It looked completely empty from the outside. When we opened the zipper on the tent for more comfort, the woman was oblivious to it.

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