Woman Loves Stepfather: Girlfriend Breaks Up With Boyfriend, Illegitimate 61-Year-Old Stepfather, Gives Birth To Son-in-Law

A 25-year-old woman in the United States confessed to having an illicit relationship with the father of her 61-year-old boyfriend. The woman said her stepfather had helped a lot when there was tension in the relationship between her and her boyfriend. He gave his shoulder to handle when he needed help the most. Now this woman also has a five month old son by her stepfather. The woman also confessed that her ex-boyfriend would not discuss the matter with any of them.

Girlfriend Has Illegal Relationship With Her Boyfriend’s Father
Mackenzie Yokom, 25, based in Illinois, US, admitted she bonded with her boyfriend’s father while living at the Live Inn. At that time, she was very much in a relationship with her childhood boyfriend. Mackenzie, who works at Walmart, said she was grateful to her divorced stepfather Jeff Scholl as she helped out at a time when she had no hope.

Jeff and McKenzie were captured in 2018
McKenzie said she doesn’t regret her relationship with Jeff, who is 36 years older than her age. McKenzie and Jeff still live together. They both have a son with them. The family were first informed of their relationship in 2018. Then the two fell silent for their love. Jeff’s ex-wife and McKenzie’s boyfriend have broken off their relationship after revelations of an illicit relationship between the two. McKenzie’s brother also left the two.

McKenzie said – we should be honest about relationships
McKenzie said that all of our previous relationships were over before our relationship started. So, I have no regrets. We need to be honest about our feelings. She also revealed that she was happy with Jeff. She said the old boyfriend cheated emotionally and physically with her, but Jeff always supported her through tough times.

Broken relationship with her husband, the woman married her 60-year-old stepfather, said second – their hearts are young
Jeff hopes to become a family again
In 2018, McKenzie’s boyfriend and her mother knew the truth of the relationship. For this reason, they severed their relationship with us. Jeff has three children from his first wife. Despite this, we have maintained our relationship. Jeff said it was really, really sad not to have a relationship with my son. I hope that one day the relationship between us will improve and my son will come back. I want to tell him that his relationship with his wife was not good. No regrets for what I did.

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