Woman marrying her stepfather: a broken relationship with her husband, the woman makes a second marriage with her stepfather of 60 years

A 31-year-old woman from Kentucky, United States, married her 60-year-old brother-in-law after breaking up with her husband. Her stepfather Jeff Quiggle also attended a ceremony at the wedding of Erica Quigg, from Harrodsburg. The woman got married at the age of 19 to a young man named Justin Towle, who works at a local factory.

60-year-old stepfather married to mother-of-one
The couple also had a child after the wedding, but the relationship began to break down in 2011 due to growing conflicts between them. Meanwhile, Erica was heavily supported by her stepfather Jeff Quiggle. In 2017, Erica and Justin Towel divorced, after which the stepfather proposed marriage to the woman. After a while, despite the 29-year age difference, the two became husband and wife.

The girl gave birth after the wedding
Less than a year after the wedding, in 2018, this woman also gave birth to a daughter. Now the two children live with their mother. Despite the age difference, the couple expressed happiness at their mutual relationship. The woman said I knew Jeff (brother-in-law) through Justin’s sister. When they supported me in times of grief, I thought they could be my companions from Sukhukh.

A woman told her 60-year-old stepfather
The woman said Jeff’s heart was still young, when I looked older than him. Erica’s first husband, Justin, also remarried. These two also distribute custody of their first son. These two families live in separate houses nearby. The woman’s first husband, Justin, said everything is fine with us now. Now there is no hate there. We talk about our son and we both move on with our lives.

The husband has no age to regret
Jeff states that he sees his first wife at Erica. He said we are both very happy with each other and enjoying each other all the time. We never noticed the age difference, we just fell in love as we are.

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