Woman performs sex act on thief in Slovakia: woman couldn’t offer ‘theft’ to save her from theft

In the European country Slovakia, the woman made him an offer he could not make, to catch the thief who was trying to steal a gas pump. In fact, the woman offered the thief to have sex. The thief came to talk about the woman and later the police arrested her. The incident takes place on the outskirts of the capital, Bratislava.

The 24-year-old thief of Serbian origin attempted to rob a petrol pump in Bratislava on Tuesday. At the same time, the thief was attempting to withdraw money from the pump safe that a 36-year-old Czech native made a sex offer in front of him. The woman did her best not to run away before the police arrived. Meanwhile, the police arrived and found them both in semi-condition.

A mysterious woman suddenly appeared
According to local media, this one-off incident started when a person suddenly entered the gas station and demanded that staff give them all the money. Not only that, the thief punched several staff members sitting at the gas station counter before taking the money. He then proceeded to the back office where another officer was seated. He demanded that the vault be opened.

While the second policeman opened the safe, the first policeman got out and called the police. During this time, a mysterious woman appeared there and began to do acts of “provocation” in front of the thief. With this, the Marauder entered his conversation and he began to have sex. During this time, the police arrived and arrested him. The thief is now in jail and investigations are underway against him.

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