Woman spotted terrified demon: horns in her head, big fingernails … woman panicked after seeing ‘ghost’ on her granddaughter’s bed, see photos – American woman stayed behind terrified after spotting a mysterious figure standing above her grandchild’s bed.

In America, a woman saw a mysterious object on her granddaughter’s bed, which caused her to panic. Now the victim seeks help from experts specializing in understanding paranormal events. Tori McKenzie, who lives in Los Vegas, had a camera installed in her son’s house. Previously, he had received reports that his granddaughter was talking to people who are not visible.

Even after 24 hours of recording in the camera, nothing unusual was seen. However, a few days later when Tory investigated the footage, she was horrified. We see a mysterious object standing a few inches from his granddaughter’s bed. Tory said this mysterious thing was right next to his granddaughter’s bed. He continued to tilt his head. He had long fingernails.

A woman shared a photo on Facebook

Granddaughter is not at all afraid to see the object
Tori said he tried to drive away this evil spirit by burning oil, but claimed the curtains started to open and close at that time. He shared a photo of this mysterious object on Facebook. Its descriptions and screenshots were picked up by those looking for amazing things on Facebook. He said his granddaughter is not at all afraid to see this object.

Tory said, “I was stunned when I did that. I have examined it twice. The first thing I noticed were the horns in his head. So you can immediately understand if it was a demon or a demon. He said that at first we thought it was a family member looking after the child, but there was no idea of ​​this photo. It was scary. When I showed my family members everyone was surprised.

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