Woman Taking Off Underwear: Airplane Passenger Strapped To Chair During Russian Flight Viral Video

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A female passenger took off her underwear during a flight to Russia, Koharamflight officers assisted passengers with a woman, sat the woman in a seat and tied her to the ropes, police arrested the woman in the airport was drunk
A female passenger in Russia committed such actions during a flight that caused her to sit in the seat and tie it to the ropes. After which, his photos went viral around the world. In fact, this 39-year-old woman started removing her underwear on the flight because she was drunk. After that, the cabin crew tied the ropes to protect other passengers from hardship, flight safety and embarrassment.

The woman was all the rage as soon as the flight took off
Less than 15 minutes after the Russian plane took off from Vladivostok, the woman began her drama. At first, she wandered around the cockpit and surrounding galleries, but then got tangled up when the cabin crew asked her to sit down. This woman began to undress, yelling at the flight attendants. Not only that, the woman even took off her underwear.

A woman tied to the seat with ropes and duct tape
Other passengers on the flight, seeing their safety and convenience, persuaded the woman to sit in the seat. As the woman sat in the seat, she was tied up with ropes, a seat belt, and duct tape. This does not pose a threat to the safety of other passengers and the flight.

Police were arrested upon landing at the airport
Russian media reported that the woman remained in place until the flight landed at Tolmachevo Airport in Novosibirsk. As soon as the flight stopped at this airport, the police came and arrested the woman for assaulting her during the flight and tying her up to the theft operation. After which, the woman was taken to the hospital for examination.

The woman confessed to being drunk
The woman admitted during police questioning that she used synthetic drugs just before the robbery. Russia’s Interior Ministry said the woman was also taken for a medical examination to find out how drunk she was. The ministry said the woman will now face trial for committing theft.

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