Woman used to share ‘incendiary’ video on TikTok, husband fired 14 bullets in front of daughter – Brazilian influencer Eliane Ferreira Siolin killed by husband for saxy tiktok video

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Husband in Brazil was angry with Ticketock’s daring video of his murdered wife in front of Ticketock star’s daughter, Mari 14 Goliapati, took her own life after the murder of his wife Kierio de Janeiro
In Brazil, a woman who posted a sexy video on the Ticketock social media platform was shot dead by her own husband. It is said that prior to this incident, there had been a lot of debate between the wife and her husband about the message posted on TickTalk. After that, an angry husband fired 14 bullets at his wife in front of his daughter. The woman’s husband also committed suicide after the incident.

Tiktok’s video became the reason for the incident
As reported by the Daily Star, Ileana Ferreira, 35, was the big star of Seoul’s social media platform TicTalk. The woman posted her bold and sexy photos and made millions of fans. Her husband was often angry about this. There has been a lot of debate between the two on this issue. On January 24, during the family celebration, the affair escalated so much that the husband shot and killed his wife.

14 bullet marks found on a woman’s body
Police said the incident was from the municipality of Poara Pora in the district of Nova Itamarti, Brazil. Which is located on the border of Pondora bordering Paraguay. The husband of the deceased would be Alejandro Antonio Aguilera Canalupi. Police found the bodies of the two on the veranda behind their house. Police found 14 gunshot wounds on Ileana’s body, while a bullet was found on her husband’s head.

Six-year-old girl became a witness
Police also recovered a gun and several bullets used in the incident near the location. It was said that the witness to this incident has a six-year-old daughter of these two, who has now been sent to relatives. Police have yet to confirm the incident involving the uploading of the video to Tiktok.

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