Women, leaders in demand for employment training in Spain

Employment training aims to train workers (employed and unemployed) to contribute to their professional and personal development, improving their employability and the possibilities for promoting employment.

For this, 100% free courses are offered, funded by the State Public Employment Service and / or the Autonomous Communities. These courses are practical in nature and are currently delivered online and by videoconference. Regarding the subjects, there are transversal courses aimed at workers who provide their services in companies belonging to any sector and courses with specific content aimed at different sectors.

According to data from ADAMS Training, seven out of ten participants in these courses in 2020 were women, a higher figure in sectors where women are more present, such as health and education, which increased their participation to 87 and 80% respectively.

Gloria Montilla, Director of Employment Training at ADAMS, points out that “every year more and more women sign up for our training plans. Personal and professional development go hand in hand and I think that is very clear to us. And that is why they take advantage of these subsidized training programs and more at a time like the current one, in which training is the main tool to overcome a possible situation of unstable employment, especially in the most vulnerable sectors. hard hit by the pandemic, such as Hospitality, where more than 70% of the participants in the courses we gave were women. ”

In addition, in this context of health crisis, Montilla underlines that “ different administrations, such as the State’s Public Employment Service, have made these programs more flexible, allowing face-to-face courses through videoconferencing, this which removed obstacles and greatly facilitated access to training. It doesn’t matter where you live and whether or not you have a training center nearby, as online training and face-to-face training via videoconference is available to anyone. ”

The outstanding tasks for a more equal future

The European Union estimates that the demand for specialists in new technologies is growing by 3% per year and that in three years 45% of jobs will be linked to the digital field.

For this reason, in 2018, the State Public Employment Service launched a free digital skills training plan to train employees and the unemployed in information and communication technologies. According to data from ADAMS, in its ICT courses for workers and freelancers in commerce, business services and cross-sector sectors, the participation of women increased in 2020. For example, in the Commerce plan , the participation of women rose from 36% in the first quarter to 57% in the last quarter. Thanks to this development, the percentage of women participating in these ICT training plans is 50%.

According to Gloria Montilla, “training plays a fundamental role in the promotion of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) talents among women and thus creates equal opportunities in access to the technological environment”.

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