Women only have 6% representation on the boards of Spanish companies

Women only have 6% representation on the boards of Spanish companies

Gender inequalities in Spanish companies are not a thing of the past, but in the 21st century, they are still a scourge against which they must stand up. Currently, only 6% of managerial positions are held by women and gender pay differences can reach 30%, according to data collected by Eva Vila-Massanas, professor at TBS Business School: “This was generally associated with education, Years ago this was justified by saying that there were not enough qualified women, but it turns out that the data indicates that when we find a woman in a position of responsibility in a large company, she is generally more qualified than her male counterparts, ”she complains.

In fact, the pay gap, the glass ceiling, the differentiation of gender roles and even harassment for being a woman are unfortunately present in a significant part of the business ecosystem in general and are significant obstacles. for many women in terms of access to positions of high responsibility. For these reasons, and many others, the Barcelona campus of TBS Business School has just launched the dementoringEQUAL program.

“Some people attribute it [estas actitudes] to the old corporate world, they believe that things are changing, that everything is more open and democratic now, but the reality is that when we talk about money and power, we are still very far from equality, ”said Vila Massanas in the act of presentation to Barcelona.

Equality of training

More and more female students are developing their knowledge and skills in business schools with the prospect of accessing a leadership position in a large company, which is why one of the objectives of the program presented this week by TBS Business School, intended primarily for Bachelor of Management seniors, is breaking this glass ceiling to access management positions

This will be the first time that it will take place on the Barcelona campus, as EQUAL.ID has been held at the Toulouse headquarters for four years, having supported more than 300 students.

“It concerns them too”

EQUAL.ID seeks real equality in the company by fighting against gender stereotypes, “which concerns them too”, according to the project coordinator, Isabelle Assassi. “True parity can only be achieved if men are also engaged,” he added. In this way, while EQUAL.ID is a dementia program for female students, there are a range of activities for male students related to raising awareness and raising awareness against toxic attitudes and for gender equality. sexes.

The main objective of the EQUAL.ID program is that the boards of directors of large companies can enjoy greater diversity and overcome gender stereotypes. According to Eva Vila-Massanas: “The numbers indicate that a diverse board is more likely to perform better and less likely to commit fraud, which is often accentuated in times of recession.”

18 students, accompanied by their respective mentors, will participate in this first edition of the EQUAL.ID program at TBS Business School in Barcelona.

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