Word Online will create a presentation based on our text

The work Microsoft has done to improve the Office suite is incredible. The Redmond giant has long been adding elements of AI to Word and PowerPoint and continues to improve how Office works. Now is the time to talk about another area that has improved in recent times, Office Online.

Microsoft makes it easy to create PowerPoint presentations

For some time now, Microsoft 365 solutions on the web such as Word, PowerPoint and Excel have become more relevant. One of the advantages is that they don’t take up space on our hard drive, which is important in computers with little storage. Today Microsoft announced an important feature for the web version of Word that will allow a document to be shared in PowerPoint and will automatically create the presentation for us.

To do so, just click on File> Export> Export to PowerPoint Presentation. Once we have done that we have to select a topic and in a few seconds we will have our presentation.

For the moment, we have not been able to test it because this function is limited to texts in English. But if we know that it does not use the images that we had in our Word file, only the text limits for the moment the application of this functionality, which still has room for improvement.

This feature is strongly linked to our text. If we have synthesized and organized our text well, in different sections and lists, the result will be very good. If, on the other hand, we limit the text to large paragraphs, Artificial Intelligence will not be able to discern which content is important and will simply separate it in the best way on several slides.

We are therefore delighted with the arrival of this feature. This was already available in the desktop version of Word and is now available on the web. However, we will still have to wait for it to arrive in our language. Localization into other languages ​​is vital to have a bigger impact.

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